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Buy and sell ETH securely with Confideal OTC, a decentralized P2P marketplace

What is Confideal?

Confideal means
smart contracts

Confideal is a family of services that help you create smart contracts on Ethereum blockchain. Using our tools, you can receive payments, pay for goods and services, purchase property, and carry out other types of transactions. Check out the recently launched Confideal OTC, a decentralized peer-to-peer marketplace that enables you to trade ETH with other crypto enthusiasts directly.

A program and a vault, all in one

Any smart contract is a program that accepts cryptocurrency from one party and reallocates the funds to other parties according to the rules provided by the contract creator.

For example, you order some work from your contractor and then send the coins into the smart contract, but they will only be released when you confirm that the contractor has completed their work. Smart contracts are a safe way to pay or get paid.

As easy as shopping online or riding a Segway

Without automation, it would take you several days and specialized knowledge to create such a contract. With Confideal you only need a regular web browser.

The service we are offering saves you time and reduces your costs. Since you can create an escrow smart contract yourself, you don’t need to order escrow services from a bank. Moreover, cross-border transactions in Ethereum are as cheap as the ones within a country.

Smart and secure

Transactions with Confideal smart contracts are signed with the private key that you own, so you have full control over your funds and actions taken on your behalf. Confideal cannot access the money in the contract.

If a dispute arises or your counterparty fails to react in a reasonable timeframe, you can file a claim. A qualified third-party arbitrator will review your case and reallocate funds stored inside the contract, so there is no risk of the crypto coins being frozen forever.

Getting started

All you need to start using Confideal is an Ethereum wallet accessible through Metamask extension for Google Chrome. If you store your ETH coins in another wallet, you can either transfer them to your Metamask account (which is the easier way) or import the private key to Metamask.

Please note that Confideal acts as a platform for creating and managing smart contracts, not as an escrow agent. The parties create, sign, and manage smart contracts at their discretion; Confideal cannot access and reallocate the funds stored in smart contracts nor restore a private key lost by either party.

What’s inside

Confideal OTC
Confideal Escrow
Confideal Tokenizer

Buy and sell ETH coins
securely and at low fees

Confideal OTC (“over-the-counter”) is a peer-to-peer decentralized marketplace for customers who buy or sell ETH coins for national currencies (“fiat”) from or to another private dealer. Ether coins are transferred through a smart contract that releases the funds when the parallel payment is completed and confirmed. The product features dispute resolution included in the moderate service fee of 1 %.

OTC in four slides

Search the Marketplace and pick an offer

Contact the maker (the author of the preferred offer) and agree on the exchange rate, the timing, and the payment method. Alternatively, you can post your own offer and wait for customers to contact you.

Create a contract

After you have agreed with the other party on the deal terms, the one of you who is selling ETH should create a contract and deposit the coins. Next, the buyer is expected to make a payment using the method previously agreed on. It is important that it should be done before the payment window expires, which takes 2 to 48 hours.

Execute the contract

After both parties have signed the contract, the party selling ETH coins should transfer them to the contract. Once it’s done, the contract transitions to the active, or “running” state. From now on, the parties are to fulfill their obligations until the result is delivered.

Close the contract

When the fiat payment is complete, the buyer reports it right away. Next, the seller confirms that they received the payment. Right after that, the funds stored inside the contract are released to the buyer. If there is a dispute, the case is reviewed by a professional arbitrator who makes a binding and final decision.

All-purpose escrow

Confideal Escrow is a uniform tool for creating escrow smart contracts. It will help you out in a variety of use cases where the buyer pays the supplier not instantly and directly but rather has their funds secured until the supplier’s obligations are fulfilled. It may be used for freelance projects, supply agreements, selling and buying property, and other types of transactions that require an escrow account.

Escrow in four slides

Find a partner
and agree on payments
in cryptocurrency

Offer your counterparty (a customer who wants to order a design from you, a B2B supplier based overseas, a person selling a property) to make a transaction through a smart contract on Ethereum. Agree on the terms of the contract.

Create a smart contract through Confideal

One of the parties (you need to agree on which party does that) creates a contract and sends it to the blockchain. The other party reads the agreement in their dashboard and signs it with their crypto signature in a couple of clicks.

Execute the contract

After the contract has accepted the funds from the Buyer, it transitions to the active, or “running” state. From now on, the parties are to fulfill their obligations until the result is delivered.

Close the contract
(or have your dispute
resolved in arbitration)

When the parties agree that the work has been done, they confirm it in their dashboards. Finally, the funds stored inside the contract are released to the contractor. If there is a dispute, the case is reviewed by a professional arbitrator who makes a binding and final decision.

Quick ERC20 and ICO

Tokenizer is a Confideal product that helps you generate ERC20 tokens on Ethereum blockchain. If you only need tokens that you will be distributing yourself, you can go with the “token only” option. If you are starting a fundraising campaign and need a token smart contract, an ICO smart contract, and a landing page to be informing your investors of the project features and the fundraising progress, Tokenizer generates everything for you.

Tokenizer in four slides

Select an option:
Lite or Full

Decide whether you want to generate tokens and distribute them manually or start a crowdfunding campaign and sell them through a fully automated ICO smart contract with the help of the ICO landing page created by Tokenizer.

Fill out a form and create a smart contract

Fill out a form with the properties of the future smart contracts for tokens. For the Full package, upload your logo, your white paper, and a text about your project. Specify the campaign timeline and goals; add a bonus program to taste. Send the contract to the blockchain.

Start the campaign

(Applies to the full Tokenizer package)
Now that you have an ICO smart contract and a landing page for your campaign (it is created automatically from the data you submit), take care of the traffic. The fundraising progress will be displayed on the landing page.

Retrieve the funds collected

(Applies to the full Tokenizer package)
If the amount you collected is no less than the “success threshold” specified in the campaign properties, you get your funds and your investors get the tokens. If the campaign failed, the smart contract releases ETH to your investors.

Products and pricing

Confideal OTC
of the contract price, inclusive of arbitration
Confideal Escrow
Confideal fee, plus up to
additional arbitration fee if a dispute needs to be resolved by a third-party expert
Confideal Tokenizer
0.79 ETH
for a simple token contract, or
1.99 ETH
for a complete ICO project
Confideal Made-To-Order
We are ready to create a customized product for your needs with the feature mix of your choice (and a customized pricing for the end users, too). Please contact us to discuss the details.
Confideal Services
Confideal means smart contracts, and it’s not only about our ready-to-use apps branded with our logo. We offer our expertise in creating complex smart contracts for your business. Feel free to give us a call whenever you need a well-thought-out architecture for your project, a lecture for your forum, or expert opinion.

Confideal to others

May we ask you for a favor?

According to numerous surveys, there are a lot of enterprises worldwide who consider using smart contracts in their business processes in the future and who think that it’s not their time yet. We are sure it is. Smart contracts are an emerging technology that will reward its early adopters with a greater market share and the customers’ trust. Procurement solutions, Internet of Things, eCommerce, Insurance, and some other domains of business will be using blockchain technologies by 2022 as easily as they use Internet now.

If you know anyone who is seeking expertise for a pilot project with smart contracts, please recommend us to them.

Prospective use cases

We are seeking partners to implement various new scenarios of using smart contracts. Take the advantage to revolutionize your industry — bring smart contracts to your business. Reach out to us to start a pilot project together.

Consumer solutions
Peer-to-peer payments
Marketplace payments
Freelance projects
Real estate transactions
Car leasing
Hotels and apartments
Business solutions
Procurement platforms
Payments on B2B e-commerce platforms
Performance-based contracting
Internet of Things (IoT) for Enterprise
Affiliate systems and royalty payouts
Crowdfunding and digital asset management

API for Partners:
make our platform
work for you

Using our API for Partners, you can provide your customers with seamlessly created smart contracts and enhance their user experience with the data that you get directly from our engine.

Learn why it’s cool

Empower your customers
with our technology —
and get rewarded

Confideal API for Partners enables you to create smart contracts with your identifier pre-hardcoded. That means, you are paid for every single contract created by your customers as soon as it transitions to the active stage (that means, as soon as both parties sign it and one of them pays the amount due).

Keep your customers
inside your product

Crucial actions with smart contracts require that the user should be logged in to their Confideal dashboard. However, you can reduce users’ unnecessary migrations between products by providing some data from Confideal right in your app:

—  Notify your customers of recently created contracts;
—  Let them keep track of their contracts’ progress in their private dashboards on your side;
—  Provide your customers with statistics on their contracts.

Enrich your sales analytics with fresh insights

API for Partners will give you enough data to explore the performance of your business and to answer questions like:

—  What does the sales funnel look like?
—  How long is the average lifespan of a contract?
—  What is the share of transactions that end up in a dispute?

Our API will help you calculate and visualize the answers.

Get your API token

To start using our API for partners, you need an API access token that is generated individually for each partner.

Let’s have a call to discuss your project, the use cases, and the partner commission you will be getting off every transaction. Let’s exchange our knowledge and create something great together.


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General Director, CE Consulting Russia
Vladimir Efremov
Partner, Trendlaw
Ludmila Kharitonova
Managing Partner, Zartsyn, Yankovsky and partners


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