Quick guide
Creating or accepting contracts is so easy that it will hardly take you more than five minutes, provided that you have the text of the contract ready
First: Tools
To start working with Confideal, you will need to install a Chrome extension named MetaMask or a browser named Mist. Both are well-known Ethereum tools; MetaMask is a lite solution, Mist is a comprehensive one.
How-to video: Installing MetaMask
Second: Coins
You will need Ethereum coins (ETH) not just to pay but to exchange your smart contract data as well. That means, even if you are the seller and it’s you who is going to get paid, you will need some Ethereum coins to sign or close a contract. The reason is, whenever you deal with any cryptocurrency, you pay a little bit to send any data within the blockchain. We recommend to have at least 0.1 ETH at your account.

Where to buy ETH (just a few websites out of dozens):
Bitfinex (using this link, you’ll have a 10% discount on the Bitfinex fee)
Magnetic Exchange
Third: Make a wish
Launch the app. Now that you have the tools and some currency, you are ready to create your first smart contract through Confideal.
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