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In 2020 the US stock market reached it’s lowest point in years. Now is the time to build your portfolio.

Trending Shares

Our trending shares section always shows up to date information on the shares that most people are clicking on and buying through our website right now.

It’s likely that there’s a reason behind the trend and while we keep each share page as up to date as possible, we encourage you to research the shares so you can make a fully informed decision if you decide to invest.


Elon Musk and Tesla need no introduction, but they do have some interesting aspects that make them a stock for you to watch.

Costco logo


Costco is trending right now due to their increase in popularity and necessity during the COVID-19 pandemic. 



Netflix were already a hugely popular streaming service and that was before coronvirus took hold. Find out how their share price has been affected.

EA Logo


EA has made it into our trending shares due to their offering while everyone is in lockdown.

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Featured Shares

In the featured shares section you’ll find shares that we’ve chosen to highlight and feature prominently on our site.

Note that these aren’t adverts or paid placements. It’s often the case that these shares are ones that have potential and may go under the radar. So we’re giving them some airtime front and centre in the featured section so they don’t pass you by.

As always, do your own research on the shares as well as the companies before you make an investment.


Disney logo


After recently launching Disney+ streaming service and ownership of the Star Wars franchise, Disney’s stock has been doing some crazy things.

Ebay logo


Everyone needs to buy during a pandemic right? Many have turned to eBay to get even more stuff delivered to their door.

Can’t see a company you’re looking for? Let us know and we’ll add it.

Popular Shares

The popular section highlights many of the classic stocks and shares that people consistently buy over longer periods of time. This means that people are likely investing in these shares for the longer term.
Costco logo


Costco is popular right now due to their increase in popularity and necessity during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Zoom Logo


The current king of video conferencing is seeing a huge boost due to the work from home conditions implemented by many governments around the world.

Amazon Logo


Amazon is taking over right now. More than ever people are shopping online, some out of necessity. It’s worth claiming a stake in Amazon

Gilead Sciences Logo


All eyes on Gilead Sciences as they attempt to create a drug that will cure COVID-19. Will they be successful?


Oil Shares

Oil is a particularly popular commodity to trade in right now so we’ve dedicated a whole section to it. Many people won’t have heard of the oil companies that are publicly traded and available to buy shares in, so we’ve gathered them together and dedicated a page to each so you can find out more.
Teekay LNG Partners Logo


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Frontera Energy Logo


Quite literally at the forefront of the oil crisis, it’s definitely worth checking in on how Frontera’s price has behaved.

Noble Midstream Partners Logo


NBL on the NASDAQ, Noble has had a turbulent time of late. 

Murphy Oil Logo


Well-known in the oil business, Murphy Oil have taken a hit along with the rest of the oil industry of late. See how their shares are performing and whether they’d be a good investment option.

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